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Archiwum z miesi─ůca: Czerwiec 2016

14 czerwca 2016

This year, beginning of July, I will be giving a Kundalini Yoga workshop in Serbia. For one week we will be practicing the Maha Ridhi Siddhi Kriya, which is a very powerful Kundalini Yoga technique for prosperity. This is a very unique and transformative kriya, which clears the subconscious from the hidden and blocked emotions and patterns, and adjusts human psychic to the state of prosperity, which is a natural state of every human being.

Several years ago I made this kriya my personal practice and I completed the full 365 days. That was the best practice I ever did myself! Later on, I have thought this kriya to my students only once. That took place in 2013 in Crimea. At that time the Crimea was still in Ukraine. And I have to state, that this Crimea workshop was the best one I have ever gave so far. Ever! During its classes I could feel the presence of Yogi Bhajan! I could also feel how the energy was burning peoples burden and karma. Yes, that was experience I had for the first time so strong, during my classes. And later on, at least several people have reported to me a significant change in their lives after the workshop.

I have never repeated this workshop again. I donÔÇÖt know why, but I think that this has something to do with Yogi Bhajan (my Kundalini Yoga Teacher). And, I guess, there was no space for it. When you are Kundalini Yoga teacher you need to follow the flow and adjust to the flow. And you need to serve. Because teaching Kundalini Yoga is not a business. This is your service to the people. This is how you give your gratitude to your teacher and the best way to elevate and to clear your own karma. So did I. Then, in 2015, I had the opportunity to give a several, short, yoga and astrology workshops in Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro. I have just gone with the flow. Now I have a feeling, that one of the reasons why I was spending my money travelling to Balkans was to prepare the space for Maha Ridhi Siddhi Kriya there.

I am astrologer. I am, however, the date for this workshop, now in Serbia, was not elected astrologically, but based on the calendar availability only – mine and my friend Danica, who organizes this workshop in Serbia. You can say, the date was chosen by coincidence. You are right, but you may also say that there is nothing happening in the Universe by a coincidence. And here you are going to be right too. Today, I was having my lunch at Schiphol airport in Holland, waiting long hours for the flight connection to Warsaw. So, tell me, please, what is each astrologer doing in spare time? He is never feeling bored, but watching the stars! In fact, not directly the stars but his astro-computer-program. And he is always amazed how the stars and the Universe is matching perfectly with what is going on here on Earth. So was I today.

I was thrilled when I looked over the asparagus salad at my Solar Fire! There will be a very powerful New Moon on July 4th ÔÇô so on the exact day, when we will start the kriya! The workshop starts on July 2nd in the evening, but we will have some preparation first to start smoothly the kriya on July 4th. Just exactly when New Moon is. And what is the New Moon? In astronomy, this is the first phase of the Moon, the moment when the Moon and the Sun have the same ecliptical longitude. In astrology, a New Moon is a symbolic point of attention, and a symbolic portal for new beginnings. New Moons are a great time to set intentions for things you’d like to create, develop, cultivate, make manifest. This is the best time to look at your goals and set the new ones. It is the opportunity to start and refresh your plans, your dreams and desires, to start a new project, new opportunity, newness in your life.

For those of you who are a bit familiar with astrology, you can, please, look at the chart below. This is the chart set for the time of this New Moon, on July 4th, 12:02, as seen from the Fruska Gora ÔÇô this is the mountain in Serbia when the workshop will take place. We can see here 4 planets: Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury in the sign of Cancer on the cusp of the 10th house, opposite Pluto on IC. What does it mean? I will try to explain it in ÔÇťnormalÔÇŁ words.
New Moon will appear on the edge of the 9th and 10th Houses, so this will trigger both, but with the special emphasis on the 10th House.

Prosperity New Moon 2016,  July 4th

The 9th house rules expansion of the higher self and this is an occasion to expand our mind and life by exploring new ways of living, and new perspectives. This is the time when we feel more adventurous, when we feel that status quo is no longer satisfying us, and we want to do something extraordinary and want to push the limits of our minds. Our spirituality may undergo a change, as we want to explore our beliefs thoroughly and as much as possible and expand our horizons beyond the limits. And, as the 9th House is about a long distance travels, also in the non-direct sense, please note, that the Maha Ridhi Siddhi Kriya is not simply just a yoga practice. This is the journey. The journey beyond the limits.

The 10th House rules the career and life path and is perfect match for the prosperity kriya. So a New Moon here is a good start to a career advancement and a change in your life path. We will have the energy to do it! We can formulate the long-term professional goals now that are more realistic, attainable, and will help get us further in our job and life.

All this happens in the sign of a Cancer. This is the cardinal sign, what means that changes which may start as the effect of the practice are going to be radical and deep. Cancer sign is about our deep emotions and about our roots. It is about the very basis of our psyche and our emotional patterns and beliefs. The opposition to Pluto on Immum Coeli is like a cherry on the cake, because it guarantees deep transformation. Pluto in 4th House means radical and full renewal and transformation everywhere where it is necessary. Especially readiness to cut from all the unwanted roots and bad habits, and readiness for the cardinal personal transformation (inside and outside). Once we have the Pluto involved, we may be sure that after this 7-day process life will never be the same again.

On the top of it I will only add that the teacher leading this workshop has a very strong Cancer sign in his natal chart, what gives him a very strong advantage to guide you through!

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